Ba Power Electronics Inc.

Ba Power Electronics Inc.
BA-POWER, a pioneer in power inverters and battery chargers, is your dependable manufacturer and consistent supplier of excellent quality products. We are also known for being a reliable partner in business. We have professional OEM / ODM experience. With over 26 years of experience in the field of electronics, we have earned the trust and confidence of customers all over the world. Our Inverters and Chargers have been passed CE, E-Mark, and UL certification. Our factory is operating with ISO 9001 certified. We also are very concerned about customer services. Our key products include Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Battery Charger, Battery Refresher, DC DC Converter, and DC AC Inverter. When you have BA-Power true sine wave inverter, you have more reliable operation. Gone are system crashed, weird printouts, and dancing glitches on the monitors. Also gone is the buzz on the TV, stereo, telephone, fax, and answering machine. Pure sine wave inverter allows the motor loads start quicker, quieter and run cooler than when operating from modified sine wave inverters. We invite you to send your inquiries, or call us for details. OEM & ODM are welcome.
Alex Lee
[886] 2 26957268 28
3F-1, No. 18, Lane 43, Dong Hu
Nei Hu District, Taipei City, 114, Taiwan (ROC)
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Craig Lee
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Taipei, Taiwan
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ISO9001, ISO2000